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At a Glance: Some Resources for Parents to Discuss Race with their Children

In the wake of the 2020 BLM riots, I felt an inner agitation to join the conversation. It was like an itch under my skin as I began to face the reality of my own lived experiences and my frustrations at still seeing young people in education feel disenfranchised. I created my first document about race to share, and today when looking for some other files, I stumbled across it again. I thought it would be valuable to share again and have attached it to this blog post.

Considering all the brilliant resources I've seen over the past two years - the contemporary fiction, work of Building Racial Literacy colleagues, and so on - this seems like a very limited list. However, talking about race can be overwhelming and it may still be a great starting point for families looking for ways to open dialogues at home.

Teaching Race - Education Resources for Parents and Teachers
Download PDF • 549KB

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